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Solving Your Resourcing Challenges for Accelerating value delivery !

An End to End Core Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS

About Us

ProPMO is bringing in path breaking HR Tech innovation to enable youth of India seek employment opportunities precisely through a combination of enabling features offered through careerbuddyonline, such as virtual career paths, ProSki benchmarking, job matching engine.”

You know how fast financial products are offered now a days using CIBIL. We will do similarly in HR world with ProSki. Using ProSki, we promise to reduce hiring efforts by up to 80% along with reduced hiring errors.

From finding right career paths to secure a right job opportunity, we strive to provide best of career management and jobs platform. Our patent(filed) professional skill index score ProSki is similar to a financial credit score and is our USP and increases the efficiency of hiring drastically across Industry verticals. We aim for ensuring the first mile and last mile connectively in finding jobs very smooth

We are aiming to be the future mega brand of Bharat and work with employers, governments to allocate human capital to application areas efficiently across industry

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Core Human resource management solution by Providing innovative solutions aligning people, process and digital system for accelerating value delivery at all enterprise levels.

Key Modules

ProRMO career management features can engage a panel of your senior members who are SMEs from different skill areas to conduct assessments and record the ratings against the skills configured for various jobs.

Succession Planning

Do BCP of Critical Resources Management

Resource Allocations

Find right person for the right job and optimize ROI with allocation

Employees Benchmarking

Perform capability based benchmarking with ProSki Analytics

Talent Management

Align Learning and Development requirements and track for fulfillment

Job Board

Employee gets a dashboard to know the current relevant internal job opening.

Balance Scorecard

Balance Scorecard based goal setting and performance appraisal

Bench Management

Now optimize your bench management ,engage your surplus capacity better.

Career Paths

Virtualize the career paths and align employees for their L&D alignment

Resourcing Partners

Integrate your resourcing tools for referrals, contract resourcing

Hiring Automation

Automate your Hiring process and minimize hiring efforts by 80%

Key Benefits

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We Promise


Increased profitability with effective human resource management


Increased satisfaction ofstakeholders andecosystem


Increased employeessatisfaction and retention


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