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Category: Human Resource Management

  • Human resource metrics and analysis

    Human resource metrics are the key points that helps an organization to track human capital, human resource management turnover, and the effective scale of the organization’s strategies and innovation with respect to human resources. HR metrics consists of the following aspects – Recruitment Engagement  Time Tracking  Employee Performance To measure employee performance a nine grid […]

  • The catastrophic effect of hiring wrong profiles

    Have you ever pondered how a single bad employee may cause a massive loss in a company? Right now, the number may appear to be insignificant; how can having one unfit candidate result in losses? Before we go into the intricacies of the impact of bad candidate profiles in the workplace, let’s take a look […]

  • Why is outsourcing HR activities important

    Outsourcing is considered to be a force that caused the drive for virtual organization movement. We all know what outsourcing means, its basic definition of obtaining resources and/or services from outside the company. You must wonder why do leaders outsource? The answer is very simple it allows the organization to direct its internal resources to […]

  • Human Resource Management – Digitization Vs Manual

    Everything takes digital form with the introduction of the internet and its services and the fast growth of technology. It’s a good thing to remove all the errors and to address all the deficiencies created by the manual process in human resources management and techniques. Digitization is a not a very recent step in human […]

  • The Great Resignation: The right strategic response to address the grave situation with resignations from impacting business

    Around this time, just after the 2nd wave of the Corona pandemic, we keep hearing the news coming out from many companies, especially from IT, ITES, Healthcare sectors, that employees are leaving in large numbers. These great resignations may be attributed to many factors Some of them are opinionated to be following based on my […]