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The catastrophic effect of hiring wrong profiles

Have you ever pondered how a single bad employee may cause a massive loss in a company? Right now, the number may appear to be insignificant; how can having one unfit candidate result in losses? Before we go into the intricacies of the impact of bad candidate profiles in the workplace, let’s take a look at some real-life events and statistics to gain a more realistic and overall picture of the situation (based on available resources and surveys):

Step 1 – Hiring the candidate; cost is around $1000 on an average

Step 2 – Training the employee; cost is around $1200

Step 3 – Facing losses due to the bad employee – both technical and organizational hence firing the employee; cost is around $15000 to get rid of the employee

Now this does not end here,

Hiring and terminating a bad employee results in another, more subtle loss: when a bad employee is hired, a good employee is lost; this is known as opportunity cost. Furthermore, resources suggest that the average cost of losing a skilled employee is around 29000-3000 dollars. Furthermore, the cost of re-starting the employment process is incorporated, causing the organization to spend additional unneeded charges, resulting in an increase in losses and expenses.

The foregoing only accounts for money losses; there are other losses that occur in terms of the company, its people, and its reputation. A poor recruiting decision can have an impact on decision makers, coworkers, and the entire organization.

Let’s look at these consequences in detail –


A bad hire would not be able to meet the required goals, would not have the right skill set, right mindset to work, deliver projects, set goals. This leads to downfall of an organization. You may wonder how? Here is how –

The will to not work, perform or deliver below acceptable trends can lead to a huge road block. Let us understand this via an example. Lets say an employee X has to take care of the development of a new software his/her company is launching. Now due to company’s bad hiring decision X will either not work at all or would not be able to deliver the needed codes. This impacts two things, one being that now the project is on hold because without that set of codes which were to be written by X the software cannot be completed making the project delayed and undeliverable. To look after this other co workers will have to take up that job to be able to move forward, this increases stress and burden on existing good employees. But what if the other employees are unfamiliar with skills required for that? This will require the company to outsource the task, leading to increase in the expected expense and total cost of the project.


The motivation for the organization, if employees are not motivated sufficiently to work and perform, is a big factor for success. This could be greatly affected if a decision to recruit is taken badly.

Some positions are of the utmost importance. If there is a mistake in hiring such a position, the leader cannot implement the ideas and meet the organizational objectives, be there with his employees, and apply the great ideas that lie ahead.

For example, if an employee after months of research came up with an exceptionally well plan for let’s say a new product, for which the whole office is excited, looking forward to and the leader, being a bad hire, fails to see the potential, does not appreciate the idea or provide honest feedbacks on it, the employees will start to loose faith, trust, motivation to work which will create a negative atmosphere in work environment.


All the conflicts, resentment, not feeling safe and appreciated can lead to a negative work environment, and good employees will want to not stay with organization anymore, again incurring huge losses and damage.


If a bad employee works below his capacity, either because of lack of skill or motivation, the rest of the organization’s staff can easily be affected. The moral of employees is usually one of the first things that can be detected negative. If workers are asked to do more to cover a difficult colleague and still get the same salary, tension and possible conflict may arise.

A bad employee with a negative attitude to work can have enormous consequences on employee morals. If you cannot fit into existing teams seamlessly and keep up with your colleagues, the atmosphere in your office will be ruined. This potentially impacts on how much employees enjoy doing their jobs, and the likelihood they will stay with the organization for the long term.


For once, money can be recovered and it can be planned to save from it in advance, but it is simply a huge or nearly unavoidable barrier to recover from reputation damage. It is hardly two minutes in this era and generation of the Internet to be seen negatively in terms of name, fame and reputation and to face a tremendous scar.

The result is a loss of trustedness and confidence of customers, stakeholders, investors and not only of their employees.


All of the above issues are now competitors’ treatment. They benefit from delayed projects, get ideas and start a similar campaign, steal ideas, and also get all the talents out of the business. This also costs the company a very high turnover for employees.


Time is money. In this case, a quote that is often used fits well, taking into account all the above-mentioned consequences only because of a bad decision.

As frightening as it sounds, bad employment has a catastrophic impact on companies and organizations. The companies can use true HR service agencies and portals to prevent all this from happening.

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